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  • Lancome Mini Gift Set IV. - Tresor in Love + Miracle + Hypnose + Tresor + La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum 4 x 0,2 oz + Eau De Parfum 0,25 ozGift Set IV. - Tresor in Love + Miracle + Hypnose + Tresor + La Vie Est Belle 

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    Eau De Parfum 4 x 0,2 oz + Eau De Parfum 0,25 oz
    Beauty Code: LAM4330

    SAVE 48%  Retail price $80.00

  • Lancome Mini Gift Set Eau De Parfum 0,25 oz + Eau De Parfum 3 x 0,2 oz + Eau De Parfum 0,2 ozGift Set BEST VALUE

    In stock & Ready to Ship!

    Eau De Parfum 0,25 oz + Eau De Parfum 3 x 0,2 oz + Eau De Parfum 0,2 oz
    Beauty Code: LAM0627
    Tresor in Love + Miracle + Hypnose + Tresor + Poeme 

    SAVE 45%  Retail price $80.00

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Lancôme Poême EDP:

Lancôme Poême women's eau de parfum is sweet, floral, and warm. It deserves to be called a lyric poem in the world of perfumes. An elegant and original fragrance you'll remember forever. Let yourself be carried away by its clouds of essences formed by Himalayan blue poppy and heady thorn apple. In the heart of this poetry you'll find beautiful aromas flying on the wings of butterflies around roses, daffodils, and sharp freesia.

The base of Lancôme Poême eau de parfum is formed by sweet essences of vanilla. It's designed for all the women and girls who like to succumb to sweet and strong perfumes. You can wear it all day and enjoy its truly free scent of luxury. Lancôme Poême is suitable for colder seasons, as it pleasantly warms you up and creates a nice atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Order it on our website and become a part of this oriental fragrance. You'll see that mainly for men you'll become a sweetly-smelling suprise they'll want to keep discovering over and over again. Launched in 1995.

Lancôme Trésor In Love EDP:

Lancôme is a French brand producing luxury products dating back to 1935, and in 2010 it launched its new product Lancôme Trésor in Love. A floral-fruity perfume designed for women. Its flacon is slim and elegant and is embellished with a decent, black velvety rose.

Its head plays chords of sparkling pink peppercorn, fresh pear, and juicy nectarine on your skin and finishes it by a tone of bergamot. They are followed by tender rose, sensitive violet with pure jasmine and delicious peach. Its base finishes playing its aromatic composition with a woody tone of sensual musk and warm cedar.

Lancôme Trésor in Love is an elegant fragrance for all the women who enjoy spontaneous romantic moments without any limitations.

Lancôme Hypnôse EDP:

Lancôme Hypnôse, a two-word expression for an overwhelming perfume, won't let you just leave. Its enchanting aroma makes men turn to look for the magic of its attractiveness. Maybe it's the magic power of vanilla which evokes a desire to get lost again in deep blue eyes whose enchanting look imprinted on your soul forever. A woody, oriental fragrance with tones of vanilla, passionflower, and vetiver embodying feminity and sensuality.

Let Lancôme Hypnôse underline your charm and become a woman all the men notice once she enters the room. This perfume is suitable for any season; its aroma of vanilla is fine and its spicy woody tones don't let it fade away. Show to others that you're unique and don't let them ever forget you with Lancôme Hypnôse.

Lancôme Trésor EDP:

Lancôme Trésor is a floral oriental fragrance for women. Would you like to become a true lady? Do you long for French charm and grace? Try this fragrance proven by thousands of women. Trésor perfume is considered a celebration of true feminity. Order it here and immediately become a jewel lots of men would like to own!

At first, you'll be overwhelmed by its sweet tones of lilac, rose, and flowers of apricot and peach. Later, an exceptional combination of iris, lily of the valley, and jasmine dominates and makes every woman feel uniquely sensual in both body and spirit. Its warm tones of musk, amber wood, and vanilla prevail towards the end and please your senses for incredibly long.

This brilliant composition of quality essences will boost your self-confidence and bring to you French charm. Lancôme perfumes highlight the natural grace of each woman and surround her with luxury and elegance. Don't be afraid to take the right direction. Work up the courage and try this expression of feminity! Fall in love with Lancôme Trésor and Paris, the city of love, will be at your feet!

Lancôme Miracle EDP:

Lancôme Miracle is an energetic sparkling fragrance hiding a small miracle inside. It enthuses you and enchants you. It creates the atmosphere of beauty and uniqueness. It supports the ability to become enthusiastic about something. Miracle perfume is slightly exotic and inspiring. It opens its enchanting concert of aromas with heady freesia and Chinese plum. Right after that aromatic magnolia veiled in energetic chords of warm ginger with an admixture of delicate pepper takes you by surprise, and this amazing experience is completed by a fine, crystalline essence of jasmine and sensual, pure musk. This unique perfume by Lancôme is perfectly suitable for any occasion, and its enchanting aroma will be very pleasant both for you and those around.

A positive fragrance with which you'll draw all the attention - that's Lancôme Miracle!

About the brand Lancome

Founded by Armand Petitjean, a man allegedly inspired by the castle ruins and roses in Le Chateau de Lancosme, Lancome’s history dates back to 1935 when the brand became universally accepted for its perfumes and cosmetics.  Truly a revolutionary in cosmetics, Lancome developed the Ocean Line in 1955, which used seaweed to nourish the skin.Since then, Lancome has established itself as one of the most successful companies in the business, garnering the confidence and praise of customers for their successful experiments with cosmetics and fragrances.  Today, the brand is propagated by actresses such as Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz.Check out the Oriental fragrance Lancome Hypnose or the vibrant and popular Lancome Tresor In Love.

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