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  • Listerine Fresh Burst Anti-Plaque Mouthwash 17 ozAnti-Plaque Mouthwash 

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Listerine Cosmetics provides complex oral cavity care. The brand was named after an English doctor Joseph Lister who discovered antisepsis. Initially, Listerine was used as a desinfection. Later, in 1920 Listerine was presented as a mouth wash fighting bad breath. Nowadays, the brand is owned by a pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. Listerine, antiseptic mouth wash, can destroy up to 99 % of bacteries causing plaque and gums diseases. Listerine offers a wide assortment of diverse products aimed at various troubles and so they can satisfy any customer's needs – tooth enamel and gums protection, teeth whitening, protection from tooth decay or even special mouth wash for kids.

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