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Description of perfume Masaki Matsushima Fluo



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Passion Flower, Grapefruit, Cumquat

Middle notes

Nectarine, Peony, Floral Notes

Base notes


Masaki Matsushima Fluo is a floral-fruity fragrance inspired by the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York. Its rainbow-colored flacon is a symbol of the big number of cultures living in New York and also suggests that it contains an aroma full of exotic fruits. It's the right fragrance for you when you take a walk in a park, meet friends in a café or spend time at a party.

It contains urbane energy, haste, and fun. It opens with refreshing tones of grapefruit, kumquat, and passionflower, while its heart contains floral tones of lotus flower and peony. Its base is formed by musk.

Masaki Matsushima Fluo is suitable mainly for spring and summer, as it's full of energy and optimism. It develops just like a day spent in a city, from the fresh start in the morning through noon full of energy to sensual evening parties. Don't be afraid to live your life without any limits and make use of all the opportunities the city offers you!

About the brand Masaki Matsushima

Masaki Matsushima combines old Japanese traditions with modern trends.  Using original designs, his first collection was introduced in 1994 in Tokyo and Paris.  His collection provoked an unprecedented interest within Europe and Asia, giving him the prestigious opportunity to prepare a collection for the athletes of the 2016 Olympic Games in Tokyo.  His vision is also reflected in the world of fragrances where he uses a combination of Japanese sakura cherries and plum.  Masaki perfumes are easily recognizable by their uniquely designed flacons.

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