Matrix Biolage ScalpSync Toner To Treat Losing Hair

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  • Matrix Biolage ScalpSync Toner To Treat Losing Hair (Anti Hair Loss Tonic) 10x0.2 ozToner To Treat Losing Hair 

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    (Anti Hair Loss Tonic) 10x0.2 oz
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Description of beauty product Matrix Biolage ScalpSync







Hair loss


Matrix Biolage ScalpThérapie anti hair loss tonic is a special concentrated product to prevent the accumulation of collagen at the roots of hair. The accumulation of collagen in hair roots prevents hair from receiving nutrients which then weakens it and causes hair loss. This revolutionary ScalpThérapie tonic with patented aminexil prevents this to reduce hair loss. This procedure firms hair while leaving it fine and voluminous.


  • prevents collagen from accumulating at hair roots and subsequent "strangling"
  • reduces hair loss
  • firms, softens, and volumizes hair


  • patented aminexil ingredient - prevents the accumulation of collagen

Type of hair:

Suitable for all types of hair. Treatment against hair loss.


Gently massage the content of the tube to the roots of dry or toweled hair. In order to maximize its effects, use one ampule a day for 6-8 weeks or at least 3 times a week. Take the treatment twice a year in order to prolong its effects.

1 treatment = 1 package containing 10 ampules

About the brand Matrix

Founded in the USA by Arnie and Sydell Miller, Matrix remains one of the most popular hair care brands in the world.  They originally aimed their products at hair salons, stylists and makeup artists; nowadays, Matrix is available to the public and they have products for all hair types---including hair loss. Matrix shampoo, conditioners, and nourishing oils help revive hair while giving you the quality you deserve.

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