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Mercedes Benz by Mercedes Benz is a distinctive fragrance for men launched in 2012. A spicy-woody perfume with a very elegant, stylish, and attractive aroma of spices, fruits, and wood. A perfectly harmonious product designed for men who are not afraid to show their both courageous and gentle characteristics and who'd like to stand out. Try this luxury fragrance Mercedes Benz produced by the brand with the same name and become an original and unique man!

 je výrazná vůně pro muže, která byla poprvé uvedena na trh v roce 2012. Jedná se o kořenitě-dřevitý parfém, jež se vyznačuje vysoce elegantním, stylovým a přitažlivým aromatem koření, ovoce a dřeva. Dokonale harmonický celek je určen pro muže, kteří se nebojí projevit odvážnou i jemnou stránku své osobnosti a chtějí vyniknout. Vyzkoušejte luxusní vůni Mercedes Benz od stejnojmenné značky a stanete se osobitým a originálním mužem!

This distinctive perfume full of seductiveness, luxury, and pleasant classic tones is suitable for any season and mainly for extraordinary events in your life so it comes in a correspondingly elegant package. Its stylish black box suggests how prestigious and famous Mercedes Benz is, while its attractive bottle is filled with a sky-blue liquid and decorated with a massive metal cap. If you look for a fragrance full of luxury and style corresponding to no less luxury cars produced by this brand, go for spicy-woody tones of Mercedes Benz.

The aromatic world of perfumes is an absolutely new discipline for Mercedes Benz. This company used to focus only on production of luxury cars. Now, it also boasts several perfumes that are quite extraordinary. The perfumes for both men and women are always stylish and charming with an appetite for victory. Try some of them and you won't regret it!

For 2012 it prepared a new product for distinctive men. It's based on original spicy tones that at first refresh you with fruity freshness and towards the end please you by a nice amount of woody tones. If you look for luxury, style, and elegance, go for this unique perfume Mercedes Benz!

About the brand Mercedes-Benz

This German brand which is most famous for the production of iconic, luxury automobiles, introduced their first fragrance to the market in 2012.  The fragrances are as flawless and elegant as their vehicles. 

Mercedes-Benz offers an assortment of fragrance products reflecting the personality of a man who appreciates quality. Apart from fragrances, men can enjoy fresh, wood-scented shower gels, after-shave products and deodorants. Women can also enjoy luxury fragrances with a floral and fruity finish.


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