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Mexx was founded in Holland in 1970 by successful designer Rattan Chadha who started selling his own fashion collection; however, the brand name Mexx was invented only 16 years later by joining Moustache (for men) and Emmanuelle (for women)---the XX symbolizes two kisses.  Now, Mexx sells products in more than 55 countries worldwide and is inspired by a big city lifestyle.

Apart from fashion, Mexx offers glasses, sunglasses and other accessories.  Successful perfume experts like Benoist Lapouza and Nathalie Lorson collaborate with Mexx to produce perfumes following the brand’s philosophy based on seven values: intelligence, excitement, energy, honesty, authenticity, positivity and diversity.  Mexx is involved in ecological activities and it even stopped purchasing angora wool to show disapproval of drastic animal treatment on rabbit farms.  The brand’s assortment consists of shower gels, body lotions, aftershaves and more.  Mexx aims their products towards younger generations which comes through in their bottle designs.  Mexx is the right choice for all active athletes who enjoy life to the fullest.

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