Mont Blanc Individuel Eau De Toilette for men

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Description of perfume Mont Blanc Individuel




Perfume bottle

Overall impression


Top notes

Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Pineapple, Mint, Cinnamon

Middle notes

Violet, Carrot, Jasmine, Orange Tree Blossom

Base notes

Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Amber, Oak, Musk

Mont Blanc Individuel expresses a self-confident and independent man who is original and individualistic. Such man loves freedom and space, he is not afraid to form his own opinions and each of his steps takes him to his goal. Mont Blanc Individuel is a reflection of luxury, sophisticated design, and endless elegance.

The head of this fragrance is formed by a unique combination of essences of bergamot, fresh pineapple, cinnamon, and fresh mint together with distinctive juniper, captivating coriander, rosemary, and intoxicating lavender. Its manly heart contains nutmeg, exotic bloom of orange tree, jasmine, and playful violet. Its sensual base consists of patchouli, warm sandal wood, and smooth oakmoss. Its composition of aromas is complemented by tonka beans, seductive musk, and lovely amber. This unique perfume by Mont Blanc can be worn in any situation.

Mont Blanc Individuel for men pleasantly refreshes you and perfectly emphasizes your personality.

About the brand Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc perfumes | Mont Blanc was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany as a company producing luxury pens. Mont Blanc was established by three men - Voss, Eberstein and Nehemias - who gave rise to one of the most luxurious and exclusive brands at all. For years, the Mont Blanc focused only on high-quality writing utensils and accessories, but over time produced other products, including, of course, perfumes. Today it is very active in charitable causes, especially when fighting against illiteracy and unequal access to education, and runs 66 stores worldwide from Hamburg via Mumbai to Brisbane. However, you don´t have to go for perfumes such as Cedars-sandalwood Mont Blanc Starwalker or elegant Mont Blanc Individuel further than to our websites.



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