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Geranium, Patchouli, Cedar, Lemon, Pepper, Lavender, Tonka Beans, Bergamot, Iris, Vanilla

Montale Boisé Vanillé is an oriental, vanilla fragrance for women. This eau de parfum by the French perfume producer, specific mainly due to its love for aromas of the Orient and Arabia and their magical history, offers a unique, complex, spicy and woody interpretation of vanilla. Just like all the fragrances by Montale, Boisé Vanillé was created by admired and rather mysterious Pierre Montale who made it original to evoke a magic potion or a precious miraculous ointment.

The aromatic composition of Montale Boisé Vanillé eau de parfum consists of chords of lemon, bergamot, lavender, pelargonium, cedar, iris, patchouli, tonka beans, pepper, and - of course - vanilla. Its aroma, merging the beautiful chord of vanilla with fresh and spicy, aromatic, and woody aspects and citrus and floral aspects, is slightly attractive, dark and thoughtful. Thanks to its floral heart, Boisé Vanillé is harmonious with a base of patchouli and with tonka beans making it sensual.

It looks like the founder of Montale brand and the creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio obtained mysterious skills of an oriental magician during his stay in Saudi Arabia. Pierre Montale created a unique interpretation of vanilla in which citrus and aromatic tones minimized the typical sweetness of vanilla while the dark spices and woody chords put it in an amazing contrast. Just like all the other perfumes by Pierre Montale, Boisé Vanillé is created from natural materials of the highest quality in high concentrations to provide long-lasting effects.

Thanks to its universality, this sophisticated eau de parfum can be worn in any season and at any occasion. It'll win hearts mainly of the women who like the aroma of vanilla, especially in its oriental and not so sweet version. Also, all those who like to appreciate true quality in combination with originality should give it a try. Besides their amazing aromas with perfectly balanced aromatic compositions, the perfumes by Montale will draw your attention also by their original packages. Their design enchants your by its straightforward, pure elegance, in case of Boisé Vanillé underlined by elegant and shiny black color, and what makes the flacons unique is also the practical choice of the materials used. Pierre Montale decided for aluminium to proved the perfumes with perfect protection.

Montale Boisé Vanillé – a sophisticated and thoughtful aroma of vanilla in a unique, spicy-woody aromatic composition.

About the brand Montale

Montale is one of the most interesting perfumes on the market and it does bring in quite a lot of interesting fragrances into the mix. From the wonderful Montale Red Aoud to the unique and truly impressive Montale Roses Musk, there are plenty of unique fragrances that you can choose, and you will love all of them guaranteed.

What makes Montale different?

Montale is a unique product range that provides you with a unique, truly interesting set of benefits unlike never before. It’s a very good, high quality product range that brings you some very good and interesting results while also putting you face to face with some of the coolest ideas out there. Not only is this truly refined, but it’s designed to make you look amazing wherever you want to go.

The Montale perfume is a one of a kind product range and it’s also the Montale Paris you always wanted to have. It’s a satisfying thing and one that will bring you quite a lot of impressive results in the long run. The Montale Roses Musk, Montale Red Aoud and all the other Montale fragrance on the market are seamlessly combined in order to bring you a very good experience and you will cherish for a very long time.

Montale is more than just a simple brand, it’s a unique way that you can use in order to truly improve your experience and take it to the next level.

You will like the way Montale has created the product range, so if you want a robust product with a great fragrance and which truly showcases your style, this is definitely what you are looking for.


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