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Neutrogena NordicBerry Nourishing Body Lotion enhances your skin's hydration by up to 50%. The Norwegian formula enriched with hydrating and moisturizing agents in combination with Nordic berries transforms dry skin into soft, smooth and supple skin. Together with vitamin E, it prevents drying out of the skin and protects it from environmental aggressions and from the signs of aging. Its creamy, non-oily texture is easily spread and quickly absorbed. The pleasant fragrance of NordicBerry Body Lotion leaves the skin feeling comfortable. It imparts a healthy-looking appearance to the skin on the whole body. Dermatologist-tested.

Neutrogena Body Lotion provides extremely effective care!


• intensely nourishes

• hydrates

• repairs dry skin

• softens and refines

• protects the skin from the signs of aging


• Glycerin – ensures an optimum hydration level and revives the appearance of the skin

• Nordic Berry/Fruit Extract (Red Fruit, Apple, Bergamot etc.) – has a protective and anti-oxidant effect

• Vitamin E – protects from drying out, has anti-oxidant properties

Skin type:

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

How to use:

Apply daily to the whole body, ideally after a shower or bath. Gently massage in. Suitable for everyday use.

About the brand Neutrogena

Originally founded as Natone in 1930, Neutrogena products were originally exclusive to salons and make-up artists, not becoming available to the public until 1940.  In 1954, owner Emanuel Stolaroff decided to import a special soap “Neutrogena” from a Belgian chemist to the USA.

The company was so successful that Neutrogena had to be renamed to Neutrogena Corporation. Since 1994 Neutrogena has merged with Johnson & Johnson to widen its assortment of regenerating and healing products.


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