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Caramel, Amber, Cloves, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Omnia Profumi perfumes | Omnia Profumi – fragrances of precious stones and metals. Omnia Profumi is an Italian brand producing exclusive niche perfumes, unique thanks to its transformation of stones and metals into aromas dressing women into sensual and mystic tones and driven by a passion based on a lot of years of experience with luxurious jewels and precious stones.

Omnia was founded in 2007 by Fabrizio Tagliacarne who built it up on a family tradition to create an absolutely original product – fragrances that combine the best characteristics of precious stones, metals, and perfumes. This unique collection full of passion is distinguished by its amazing elegance and sophistication and – last but not least – by its beautiful flacons.

The perfumes by Omnia were born in two original lines – Linea Metalli and Linea Pietre. All the fragrances from the Linea Metalli line, inspired by metals, come in angular design flacons emphasizing their precise chemical structure, while the fragrances in the Linea Pietre come in spherical, no less stylish or beautiful flacons.

Omnia Profumi offers true originality and luxury, and its perfumes open new worlds in a yet undiscovered way.

“…I realized that stones (…) can reveal new worlds, memories and images related to our sense of smell. That’s why I combined characteristics I found in stones, metals, and perfumes into a single product, which can be distinguished from any others thanks to its elegance and sophistication, and which also provides each woman with the passion she longs for and deserves…” (Fabrizio Tagliacarne, founder of Omnia)


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