OPI Natural Nail Strengthener Strengthening Nail Polish

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Description of beauty product OPI Natural Nail Strengthener






OPI Natural Nail Strengthener is beneficial for your natural nails as it strengthens them and significantly helps to make your fragile nails strong and solid. Frequent application of nail polish and its removals substantially reduce the level of moisture in the nail matrix which results in weakened and disrupted nails. OPI Natural Nail Strengthener leaves your nails strong and with a transparent shine.


  • strengthens natural nails
  • makes nails look shiny
  • prevents drying
  • reduces breaking and cracking


  • strengthening complex – strengthens nails and prevents them from breaking and getting fragile


Apply on clean nails. Once dry, apply your favorite color or leave in their natural color.

About the brand OPI

OPI is a nail care pioneer, exclusively focused on top quality manicure and pedicure products suitable for at-home use. Their assortment consists of colorful nail polish, nail care polish and other manicure and pedicure tools.

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