Orofluido Beauty Sheer Spray For All Types Of Hair

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Description of beauty product Orofluido Beauty









All Hair types


A shine spray by Orofluido Beauty designed for all types of hair makes your hair astonishingly shiny to highlight the natural beauty of your hair. This unique elixir contains three precious oils to ensure health, beauty, and a youthful look of your hair. The spray is easy to apply and immediately penetrates into the structure of your hair where it nourishes, hydrates, and protects it from harmful external influences in a unique way.

Beauty shine is designed for all types of hair. Apply to make your hair perfectly shiny without any additional stress. Its volume of argan oil, which is rightfully called Moroccan gold, restores the natural flexibility, strength and shine of your hair. The ethereal beauty of Cleopatra's hair was achieved by using Cyperus oil which provides hair with velvet-like smoothness and perfect shine. In ancient Egypt, linseed oil was very popular, as it provides hair with strength, health, and natural beauty. The combination of these three precious oils in a single product treats your hair with the power of nature. Their beneficial effects on hair and skin have been known since time immemorial.

Beauty spray shine applies on dry hair; it immediately refreshes and smoothes it while making it naturally shiny. It's enriched with a pleasant aroma which combines bergamot and a magical aroma of orange flower with vanilla and a warm aroma of sandal wood. Provide your hair with a unique treatment of precious and very efficient oils to improve its quality and make it naturally beautiful, dazzlingly shiny, and smell just great.


  • highlights natural beauty of your hair with an amazing shine
  • makes your hair look healthy, beautiful and youthful
  • nourishes and hydrates
  • protects your hair from harmful external influences
  • makes it look shiny without any additional stress
  • restores its flexibility, strength, and shiny look 
  • makes it smooth as velvet and strong
  • refreshes and softens your hair
  • improves the quality of your hair
  • makes your hair smell just amazing


  • argan oil - restores natural flexibility, strength, and shine
  • Cyperus oil - makes your hair look smooth and perfectly shiny
  • linseed oil - makes your hair strong, healthy, and naturally beautiful

Type of hair:

Suitable for all types, mainly for dry and damaged hair.


Apply on dry hair as needed.

About the brand Orofluido

Orofluido hair care was founded as a Revlon subsidiary. Orofluido products are inspired by traditional beauty rituals and contain three unique oils---argan, earth almond and flaxen oil.Moreover, Orofluido is enriched with luxurious base notes of bergamot, orange tree and resin, middle notes of resin, pepper & cyclamen, and top notes of vanilla & sandalwood.

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