Payot Les Correctrices Facial Mask For Wrinkles

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  • Payot Les Correctrices Facial Mask For Wrinkles (Spécial Rides Masque) 2.5 ozFacial Mask For Wrinkles 

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    (Spécial Rides Masque) 2.5 oz
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About the brand Payot







According to skin problems

Wrinkles and Lines


for all types of complexion



Payot was founded by Nadia Gregoria, one of the first female doctors of her time.  Soon after her marriage to Edmond Payot, she established her first cosmetic salon. Her meeting with Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova happened to be a key moment for Gregoria because she was amazed by the contrast of the balerina’s young-looking body and her quickly-aging complexion.

She decided to use her medical knowledge and brought women skin care treatment based on massage applications.  Nowadays, Payot represents the relaxed approach of clinical spa treatments.  Payot products are perfect for at-home use and salon care.  In a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly, Payot does not wrap its products in cellophane.

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