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Description of perfume Perris Monte Carlo Bois d'Oud


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Middle notes

Rose, Jasmine, Peach, Agar Wood, Plum, Iris, Orange Tree Blossom

Base notes

Patchouli, Cedar, Labdanum, Blackwood, Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Bois d’Oud is an oriental-woody fragrance for women and men by producer of niche perfumes Perris Monte Carlo from Monaco. This brand has introduced to the world a premium collection of modern oriental fragrances with each of them inspired by a different world culture and radiating exclusivity, prestige, and specific elegance. Perris Monte Carlo Bois d'Oud is an atractive eau de parfume thanks to its balanced composition built up around its central chord of oud wood.

Perris Monte Carlo collection was born with the aim of attracting customers by a wide range of various sophisticated fragrances created while using the most precious of materials thoroughly searched for all over the world. The results of these passionate efforts by the representatives of Perris Monte Carlo, and mainly by renowned perfume designer Luca Maffei, is a number of perfectly balanced, modern, oriental fragrances. Just like all the products by Perris Monte Carlo, Bois d'Oud eau de parfume is incredibly luxurious, elegant, and inspiring.

The central component of Perris MOnte Carlo Bois d'Oud is precious wood of aquilaria tree, also called eagle wood, agar wood, oud, aoud or (in Arabic) oudh, an amazing material with a resinoid aroma and the most expensive wood in the world, for centuries used for production of incense and (mainly Arabian) perfumes. This truly royal ingredient, sometimes referred to as liquid gold or the wood of gods, in the composition of Bois d'Oud pleasantly merges with fruity and other innovatively chosen chords.

The rich aromatic composition of Perris Monte Carlo Bois d'Oud opens with a chord of bergamot. Its heart is full of peach, plum, jasmine, rose, iris, orange blossoms, and - naturally - oud wood. Its base consists of the tones of cedar wood, Dalbergia wood (also known as African ebony or blackwood), patchouli, vanilla, amber, labdanum, and musk. Its overall aroma innovatively and luxuriously merges the dominant chord of oud wood and other woody, fruity, floral, amber, and sweet tones. Perris Monte Carlo Bois d'Oud eau de parfume is pleasantly open and mature and it has a beautifully rich opening, remarkably seductive as well as joyful heart, and a deep ending. Luca Maffei created here a very successful and natural woody fragrance bringing joy.

Perris Monte Carlo Bois d’Oud is suitable for any events during the day or at night in any season. It always makes you feel exceptional and luxurious, brings to you an exotic touch, and underlines your personal elegance. Bois d'Oud eau de parfume will be appreciated mainly by women and men who like modern interpretations of oriental fragrances, especially woody ones dominated by amazing agarwood. It's definitely suitable for everybody who likes the luxury of a top-quality perfume created based on a deep inspiration.

Perries Monte Carlo produces absolutely exceptional fragrances as well as their packages. In order to highlight the quality and uniqueness of the ingredients used, the representatives of the brand decided to create a truly sophisticated package embelished with gold. Bois d'Oud eau de parfume is thus fascinating thanks to its elegant, prestigious, premium as well as modern goldish flacon which comes in a perfectly matched box. Try this eau de parfume by the luxurious Monacan brand producing modern oriental fragrances and fall in love with its very successful and pleasant interpretation of oud wood.

Perris Monte Carlo Bois d’Oud - a joyful, maturely elegant, innovative, and perfectly balanced ode to amazing oud wood.

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