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Phyto Laque hairspray for medium hold is a styling product with natural elements. A great choice for those who'd like to hold their hairstyle while keeping its natural look. Apply to make your hair immediately stronger, nourish it, and perfectly treat it. It keeps your hair hydrated and protects it from external harmful influences such as weather conditions or polluted environment.

This medium hold Laque helps you strengthen your hairstyle without adding any extra chemical strain. Its light, natural composition contains also extracts from plants. This natural element nourishes your hair and helps it keep sufficient hydration. The product has not been tested on animals. It makes your hair stronger. Use repeatedly during the day as needed. If you want to change your hairstyle, simply comb the product out of your hair.

Laque hairspray has a pleasant aroma that will accompany you for a long time. This product holds even rather complex hairstyles and is suitable for any type of hair. It comes in a small package you can carry wherever you go or put in a drawer of your table in the office. Make your hair stronger with this natural composition without adding extra strain!


  • medium hold
  • holds even more complex hairstyles
  • nourishes hair and keeps it hydrated
  • protects hair from external harmful influence
  • makes your hairstyle stronger without adding extra strain
  • light composition full of natural extracts
  • makes your hair firmer
  • makes your hair smell pleasantly for a long time


  • extracts from plants - nourish your hair and help to keep it sufficiently hydrated

Type of hair:

Suitable for all types.


Apply from 6" to 8" on finished hairstyle. Apply during the day as needed. In order to remove it, comb it out or wash your hair.

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