Prada Prada L´Eau Ambrée Eau De Parfum for women Refillable

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  • Prada Prada L´Eau Ambrée Eau De Parfum for women 2.7 oz Refillable Eau De Parfum for women 2.7 oz Refillable 

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Description of perfume Prada Prada L´Eau Ambrée



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Lemon, Citrus Fruit

Middle notes

Patchouli, Rose

Base notes

Resin, Amber, Vanilla

Prada Prada L´Eau Ambrée is a perfume for women, and already from its design you can tell it's a very sophisticated product. An oriental-floral scent with a light touch of amber. Its sophisticated composition is very effective to make women more attractive, sensual, and mainly feeling better.

This fragrance is very warm, which is suitable mainly for colder periods or for the evening. Prada L'Eau Ambrée will be appreciated mainly by women who like to enjoy luxury for a reasonable price and are mature enough to understand the sophistication this fragrance brings.

At first, it opens with fresh tones of amalfi and citruses. Its heart turns to floral chords thanks to patchouli and May rose. Its base and oriental flavor is provided by opopanax, amber, and vanilla. It comes in a very modern flacon to embellish the content of each woman's purse.

About the brand Prada

Known as one of the most influential fashion houses in the world, Prada has become a symbol of social status with history dating back to 1913 in Milan, Italy, when Mario Prada and his brother focused on leather goods and accessories.

However, the company underwent radical change when Miucci Prada, the granddaughter who was in charge of fashion design, directed a very successful marketing strategy.  In 1992, Prada introduced its cheaper version Miu Miu whiched proved to be another success.  Today, Prada offers luxury fragrances for men and women who desire a timeless fragrance.

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