Rasasi Dhanal Oudh Nazaha Eau De Parfum unisex

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Rasasi Dhan Oudh Nazaha is a unisex eau de parfum, which means it is suitable both for men and women. It has a special oriental aroma, the notes of which enchant olfactory senses of anybody. A tireless and singular composition which takes you to faraway exotic places.

Rasasi Dhan Oudh Nazaha captivates you with its original and unusual composition. A great many floral essences form a blend of scents suitable for any occasion. Essences which become your inspiration and recharge your life. Treat yourself to this aromatic and unforgettable experience.

The bottle of Rasasi Dhan Oudh Nazaha has an oriental and exotic appearance. Both its body and stopper are very compact and interesting, not mentioning the fragrance itself, which leaves a long-lasting and exceptional trace on you. Try it on your own.

About the brand Rasasi

Founded in Dubai in 1979, Rusasi is a family business that was started by Abdul Razzak Karlsekarem.  Known as one of the most exclusive perfume producers on the world market, Rasasi has been overtaken by Adul’s six sons who have continued the tradition of representing an energetic brand with a very promising future.

The brand has increased its popularity and built an outstanding reputation thanks to the quality, luxury and elegance of its products.  The brand offers colognes for men, perfumes for women, and unisex fragrances with Oriental and classic notes.

Rasasi sells only first-class perfumes and products that are collaborated on by a scientific division dedicated to quality and innovation.

Rasasi offers a wide range of fragrances, each one reflecting the personality of its owner.  Among the most successful are La Yuqawam Pour Femme (which means irresistibility), with notes of bergamot, lemon, frankincense and ylang ylang.  All of Rasasi fragrances come in beautifully inspired flacons.

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