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Description of beauty product RevitaLash Spotlight






Revitalash Spotlight highlighting pencil optically enlarges your eyes and lights up your cheeks! It contains vitamin E and pure extracts from Aloe Vera to intensively nourish your skin, make your skin look youthful, and reduce the rings under your eyes. Revitalash Spotlight highlighting pencil has a neutral color suitable for all tones of skin. Its gel texture is easy to spread.

Spotlight can be applied as the primer for eye shadows or to light up the area around your eyes. Optical lifting can be achieved by applying the pencil on your cheekbones. The effect of bigger lips can be achieved by simply applying the pencil on middle parts of your lips. Revitalash Spotlight holds for up to 12 hours! It does not dry out your skin.


  • lights up your face
  • optically enlarges your eyes and lips
  • suitable also to apply on cheekbones
  • creates optical lifting
  • nourishes and hydrates your skin
  • eliminates the rings under your eyes
  • rejuvenating effects
  • holds for up to 12 hours!


  • vitamin E – protect your skin from free radicals
  • extracts from aloe vera – treat your skin

Type of skin:

Suitable for all types of skin.


Apply in soft strokes on the parts you would like highlighted. In order to highlight your eyes, apply just below your eyebrows and to the inner corner of the eye. For the natural optical lifting apply the pencil on the area of your cheekbones. In case you would like to have full and naturally enlarged lips, apply the pencil on the bottom and middle part of your lips.

About the brand RevitaLash

Revitalash is an American cosmetic brand founded in 2006 by Michael Brinkenhoff, a doctor whose aim was to develop a product to support eyelash growth for his sick wife.  He managed to invent an effective product which has caused a great demand, ultimately expanding the company’s line to firming and nourishing products for eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. 

Revitalash has been involved in charitable activities dedicated to fighting and preventing breast cancer, with a portion of their profits going towards cancer research.

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