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Caramel, Freesia, Cedar, Rose, Violet, Apricot, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Peach, Amber, Plum, Anise, Tangerine, Musk, Cinnamon

Revlon Charlie Gold is a popular floral-oriental fragrance for women, launched already in 1995. Its intensive and rich aroma of flowers, fruits, spices, and seductive wood, sprinkled with incredibly sweet caramel, has become one of the most favorite ones among general public. Charlie Gold by Revlon is an affordable composition suitable mainly for cold weather in winter. Its warm, sweet-spicy oriental aroma is suitable for daily use and for any moments in your life.

This perfume by Revlon comes in a simple glass flacon embellished with a massive golden cap. It contains a honey-golden liquid whose long-lasting aroma and intensity will very much please you. Its metallic box, which protects the bottle from damage, evokes feminity, distinctive elegance, and relaxed style. It's not recommended to buy Charlie Gold without trying it first, as it's a very specific aroma whose intensity and strength could be too sharp for you.

Its pleasant top tones of orange, apricot, and sandal wood in the spirit of exotic Orient take you to unexplored places of your imagination. Its seductive combination of plum, cinnamon, and amber enriches the oriental opening with a sensual tinge, while its floral heart consisting of petals of violet, freesia, jasmine, and pieces of juicy peach is covered by a chord of sweet caramel. Its ends with a perfect combination of passionate rose, cloves, and dry cedar wood which caresses your skin and makes it smell great all day long.

Revlon cosmetic brand dates back to the beginning of last century. Originally a company which started to sell a single product - a revolutionary nail polish - later grew just incredibly. Today, it offers all kinds of cosmetic products and, of course, excellent fragrances, too. The perfumes by Revlon are sold mainly in drugstores; this, however, doesn't mean that their tones or chords are of a lower quality. Lots of people have grown fond of affordable scents by Revlon so much that they'd never abandon them. Try its excellent Charlie line, which is even more famous than Revlon brand as such.

The floral-oriental composition of Charlie Gold belongs among perfumes from this line. Take a trip to seductive countries of the Orient and let your senses be pampered by mixtures of flowers, spices, fruits, and wood on a delicious base of sweet caramel. Order this perfume popular with millions of women all over the world who have enjoyed it for almost 20 years.

About the brand Revlon

Established in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist Karel Lachman, Revlon is a first-class American cosmetics and perfume producer that started out producing nail polish and lip stick during The Great Depression.

In 1973, they succeeded with Jontude, a fragrance which became a bestseller throughout different parts of the world.  Also known for its controversial commercials, Revlon has been profiting millions since the 1970s and 80s.

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