RoC Hydra+ 24h Comfort Nourishing Cream For Dry Skin

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Description of beauty product RoC Hydra+






for all age groups

According to skin problems

Hydration, Skin nutrition






RoC Hydra+ unique nourishing cream is specially developed for the needs of dry and sensitive skin which lacks water and lipids. Dry skin often suffers from reddening and sensations of burning or tension and tiny flakes may appear on it. RoC Hydra+ makes your fragile, sensitive, and tensed skin smooth, flexible, and healthy and leaves it beautifully vitalized, smooth, and bright.

Its special patented Hydrovance ® formula deeply and for a long time hydrates and activates the natural protective barrier of the skin to prevent it from getting too dry. Your skin will be smooth and soothed and for 24 hours it will be protected from getting too dry. You will appreciate its very pleasant clean smell and the fact that its texture is quick to absorb and leaves not greasy trace while it can be used as the ideal primer.

Prevent your skin from getting tired easily and efficiently using RoC Hydra+ nourishing cream for dry skin!


  • provides perfect hydration and deep nourishment for the whole day
  • firms the skin barrier
  • gets quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy film
  • leaves your skin silky soft and smooth as velvet
  • restores the healthy and bright tone of your skin
  • protects your skin from unfavorable external influences
  • reduces the intensity of sensations of tension and burning and restores comfort


  • Hydrovance ® – perfectly firms the skin barrier; provides deep and long hydration
  • panthenol – soothing and healing effects, fights ageing 
  • shea butter – nourishes and soothes your skin, has healing effets, softens and protects your skin
  • sunflower oil – firms the skin barrier and softens your skin
  • bisabolol – healing effects, restores comfort

Type of skin:

Suitable for dry sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested.


Apply every morning on well cleansed and toweled skin.

About the brand RoC

RoC Cosmetics is a brand of beauty and science.  It was founded in France in 1957 with an emphasis on cosmetics for women suffering from problematic skin. RoC is one of the first brands to use retinol, a very effective anti-aging ingredient.  In 1943, pharmacist Jean-Charles Lissarrague started managing a Parisian Roge Cavailles pharmacy which specialized in dermatology.  In the beginning of the 1950s he developed the first fragrance-free skin care formula which led to the established name Roge Cavailles Pharmacy.

Jean-Charles Lissarrague has always put effort in combining beauty with pharmaceutical sources and has been known as a beauty care visionary.  Thanks to his pharmaceutical knowledge and experience, he was able to incorporate the most effective ingredients in his products which ultimately led to amazing results.  The brand’s philosophy is that every woman desires beautiful skin.  RoC has introduced a range of innovations with key discoveries like vitamin A (Retinol), THPE (Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine) and E-Pulse. The brand has also introduced sun-protection products.  The most recent discovery of RoC is using bioelectricity to fight skin-aging.  The carefully picked ingredients follow two main criteria---effectiveness and safety to prevent allergic reactions by providing all skin types with gentle care.  The products undergo careful clinical testing by scientists and dermatologists.  RoC puts all its effort into women’s beauty support and ensures that the application of its products will be an enjoyable experience.  By adding passion and attention to details, RoC products represent cosmetic art.

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