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Description of beauty product RoC Pro-Cleanse







for all types of complexion




RoC Pro-Cleanse Cleansing Gel is a special cosmetic product designed for gentle and thorough treatment and cleansing of the face and neck. It leaves the skin sanitized, removes all impurities, make-up residue and excess sebum. Its fluid and transparent texture gently cleanses the most sensitive skins, without over-drying and irritation.

Pro-Cleanse Cleansing Gel is hypoallergenic, high-tolerance and fragrance-free. It should be used in the morning to prepare the skin for the daily skin care routine and make-up application and to help the skin face external aggressions, and in the evening to soothe the skin and cleanse it before night care and having a rest. The skin is perfectly clean, ready to absorb nourishing ingredients, moisture and the care of other cosmetic products.

Pro-Cleanse Cleansing Gel delivers cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing action. Its rich formula provides the skin with the best care, leaving the skin purified, velvety smooth and naturally elastic. Treat your face to maximum care and cleanliness for healthy and beautiful skin!


• thoroughly cleanses the face and neck

• cleanses the skin without over-drying and irritation

• high-tolerance and fragrance-free

• prepares the skin for daily make-up and a good night's rest

• soothes and softens the skin

• nourishes and moisturizes the skin

• promotes skin elasticity and suppleness

• leaves the skin healthy and beautiful


• Glycerin – helps maintain optimum moisture levels

• Coconut Oil – promotes suppleness and softness

• Citric Acid – breaks down the protein bonds between dead skin cells on the skin surface to reveal more radiant and healthier cells under them, reduces wrinkle formation, stimulates the production of collagen which firms and tightens the skin in a natural way, brings moisturizing action, eliminates acne and reduces the appearance of dark spots

Skin type:

For sensitive skin.

How to use:

Apply to wet face and neck and gently cleanse. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

About the brand RoC

RoC Cosmetics is a brand of beauty and science.  It was founded in France in 1957 with an emphasis on cosmetics for women suffering from problematic skin. RoC is one of the first brands to use retinol, a very effective anti-aging ingredient.  In 1943, pharmacist Jean-Charles Lissarrague started managing a Parisian Roge Cavailles pharmacy which specialized in dermatology.  In the beginning of the 1950s he developed the first fragrance-free skin care formula which led to the established name Roge Cavailles Pharmacy.

Jean-Charles Lissarrague has always put effort in combining beauty with pharmaceutical sources and has been known as a beauty care visionary.  Thanks to his pharmaceutical knowledge and experience, he was able to incorporate the most effective ingredients in his products which ultimately led to amazing results.  The brand’s philosophy is that every woman desires beautiful skin.  RoC has introduced a range of innovations with key discoveries like vitamin A (Retinol), THPE (Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine) and E-Pulse. The brand has also introduced sun-protection products.  The most recent discovery of RoC is using bioelectricity to fight skin-aging.  The carefully picked ingredients follow two main criteria---effectiveness and safety to prevent allergic reactions by providing all skin types with gentle care.  The products undergo careful clinical testing by scientists and dermatologists.  RoC puts all its effort into women’s beauty support and ensures that the application of its products will be an enjoyable experience.  By adding passion and attention to details, RoC products represent cosmetic art.

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