Sean John Unforgivable Woman Eau De Parfum for women

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Description of perfume Sean John Unforgivable Woman


Perfume bottle


Overall impression



Top notes

Neroli, Fruity Notes, Citrus Fruit

Middle notes

Rose, Violet, Jasmine

Base notes

Wood, Amber, Musk

Sean John Unforgivable Woman is a very exceptional floral fragrance. Tones of flowers combine here with fresh as well as warm aromatic essences so the perfume is ideal for use all year long and will please you in any weather.

Unforgivable Woman opens with a flood of freshness. Its fine floral aroma of neroli is accompanied by the aroma of free fruits, mainly bergamot. Its heart is full of elegant and refined flowers, while the lead role is played mainly by essences of rose, jasmine, and violet. This fine, powdery floral composition is built up on a warm and deep base, formed by sensual musk, ambergris, and warm wood.

Unforgivable Woman is incredibly seductive and sexy; an exciting combination of fine, fragile tenderness. Powdery and smooth as well as attractive and seductive, which is a combination no man fails to notice.

This perfume is excellent for an elegant, self-confident, and stylish woman. Such a woman has her sexy self, and her beauty is fine and tender. Unforgivable Woman suits well also ambitious women who like to test their possibilities as well as the possibilities of the world they live in.

Unforgivable Woman is excellent for day and night use. Seductive and sexy as well as exceptional. Wear it to become the queen of the night. Fresh and light, it's perfect for a date as well as shopping or a pleasant walk.

About the brand Sean John

Sean John is a famous fashion and fragrance brand owned by hip-hop singer Sean Combs, a.k.a. Puff Daddy - P. Diddy.  His sportswear collections presented in 1998 received positive reviews, leading to several nominations for the CFDA award. 

In 2004, he was awarded the CFDA Men’s Designer of the Year award.  In 2008, Combs introduced a brand new cologne for men called I Am King under the brand Sean John.

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