Sensodyne MultiCare Toothpaste For Protection Of Teeth And Gums

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Sensodyne Cosmetics offers high-quality care for sensitive teeth.  The first Sensodyne toothpaste containing high amounts of chloride appeared in 1961 in the USA and was established as a great discovery in sensitive dental care.  The consumption of particular foods and drinks can cause unpleasant troubles and result in sensitive teeth.  Tooth sensitivity is caused by the uncovering of dentin which should normally be protected by enamel.  When dentin comes in contact with very hot, cold, sweet or sour foods, it causes irritated nerves and leads to a short, sharp pain.

The potassium chloride included in Sensodyne toothpastes gets to nerve endings and decreases nerve irritation. Strontium chloride mechanically blocks dentin so food can’t come in contact with sensitive nerves.

Sensodyne is a scientifically certified brand that offers a wide range of specialized toothpastes, such as Repair & Protect- fixing weak areas on teeth, Rapid-soothing sensitive teeth in 60 seconds, and Sensodyne Pronamel- protecting enamel from acid corrosion.  Sensodyne also offers the highest-quality mouth washes, toothbrushes and floss.

Sensodyne brings complete care to solve all of your sensitive tooth problems.

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