TePe Angle Interdental Brushes 6 pcs

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  • TePe Angle Interdental Brushes 6 pcs Blue 0,6 mm (Interdental Brushes)Interdental Brushes 6 pcs 

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    Blue 0,6 mm (Interdental Brushes)
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  • TePe Angle Interdental Brushes 6 pcs Red 0,5 mm (Interdental Brushes)Interdental Brushes 6 pcs 

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    Red 0,5 mm (Interdental Brushes)
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  • TePe Angle Interdental Brushes 6 pcs Yellow 0,7 mm (Interdental Brushes)Interdental Brushes 6 pcs 

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Description of beauty product TePe Angle






TePe Angle interdental brush keeps your mouth not only clean but also healthy. This specially designed brush reaches even the places that are hard to access where it eliminates harmful bacteria that contribute to the emergence of tooth decay. Its long handle enables you to comfortably reach even between individual back teeth, while its angled head makes brushing easy at any angle. TePe Angle interdental brush is the first step to healthy and strong teeth!


  • interdental cleaning
  • prevents the emergence of tooth decay and bad smell
  • long handle to reach places that are hard to access
  • angled head for easy brushing at any angle

About the brand TePe

TePe Cosmetics | TePe – quality in perfect oral hygiene. TePe is a family-owned Swedish company founded in 1965. It develops, manufactures and sells high quality and functional oral hygiene products in cooperation with dental experts.

The vision of TePe is to raise the general awareness about preventive dental care and interdental cleaning and contribute to better oral health, thereby improving life quality for people all over the world.

Many people still neglect cleaning between their teeth today. Your regular toothbrush only cleans the front, the back and the biting surface of the tooth and lots of harmful bacteria remain in your mouth, hiding between the teeth. They can cause gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.

The solution is to use tools specially designed for cleaning between your teeth. TePe interdental brushes are available in a variety of colour-coded sizes and models to suit various individual needs. All of them are equipped with special properties providing the highest quality and effectiveness. All TePe interdental brush sizes have plastic coated wire allowing for gentle and safe cleaning. Curving the wire enables extra good access between both the front and the back teeth. The ergonomic handle made from recycled material allows for easy use. TePe interdental brushes and other products for perfect oral hygiene are developed in cooperation with dental experts.

The motto of TePe is: “We care for your healthy smile.”

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