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Description of perfume The Different Company Bergamote



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Ginger, Bergamot

Middle notes

Green Notes, Orange Tree Blossom

Base notes

Musk, Rhubarb

Bergamote is an aromatic citrus fragrance for women with a distinctive bergamot accord. It belongs in the portfolio of the French brand of niche perfumes The Different Company. The philosophy of this brand, established in 2000, is to celebrate the pleasure of the senses, the beauty and the exceptional character of genuine French perfumes and the unique design of their bottles. The goal of The Different Company is to offer exceptional products with a modern vision of luxury based on the roots of the famous tradition of Haute Parfumerie.

The Different Company proves with Bergamote that an aromatic creation with a classic motive can be very modern and original when it is composed with a truly master craftsmanship. Renowned perfume designer Jean-Claude Ellena again managed to process the main raw material by giving it a really divine impression. Bergamote combines citrus freshness of bergamot with ginger, which adds attractiveness and piquancy, and orange blossom, which underlines smoothness. Rhubarb and musk endlessly extend the pleasure of the elegant and fresh fragrance full of light.

Top notes of Bergamote feature bergamot and ginger. Heart notes contain the above-mentioned orange blossom and green notes. Base notes include rhubarb and musk, which complete the whole aroma, joyfully uniting its dominant citrus and fresh and spicy sides with white floral aspects and light sweet and green touches. For your long-lasting pleasure, Bergamote captures sunlight and pure happiness in a lovely bottle. This unusually sophisticated citrus fragrance is one of the most successful interpretations of bergamot ever.

Bergamote is suitable for everyday wear throughout the whole year but its fresh scent would be absolutely perfect during warm days. It always brightens its wearer's day, refreshes her and accentuates her tender and elegant side. Bergamote by The Different Company is excellent for women who like aromatic citrus scents, mainly with bergamot playing the lead role. It will captivate every woman who can appreciate real quality, a unique character and modernity built on a traditional base.

Apart from masterly compositions of their scents and the relentless quality and luxury of their ingredients, all perfumes by The Different Company have wonderful packaging. The truly iconic bottles of this brand, made of unique top-quality glass, represent luxury and are modern and ecological masterpieces. Extend the range of your cosmetic products with Bergamote and fall in love with this absolutely original and extremely successful interpretation of the fresh bergamot scent. The exquisite quality and luxury of this fragrance along with its breathtaking designer bottle and an elegant light box makes Bergamote an excellent gift for a woman you want to treat to something truly exceptional.

The Different Company Bergamote – an elegant, fresh and bright bergamot aroma in an original aromatic and citrus composition.

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