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Cardamom, Rosewood, Vetiver, Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Amber, Sichuan Pepper, Vanilla

Oud Wood is a woody, warm, and spicy fragrance for women and men from the Private Blend collection by Tom Ford, American fashion designer dealing in fashionable clothes, accessories, and glasses, and also in cosmetics and perfumes with Estee Lauder as its partner. All the perfumes from the Private Blend collection open with a single note - a very precious extract - and with other chords built around it create very comprehensive fragrances that are enchanting, challenging, stimulating, and pleasing. The central tone of Tom Ford Oud Wood is oud wood, an absolutely iconic ingredient of Arabian perfume-making.

The main component of Oud Wood is the wood of aquilaria tree, also called eagle wood, agarwood, oud, aoud or (in Arabic) oudh, an amazing material with a resinoid aroma and the most expensive wood in the world for centuries used for production of incense and (mainly Arabian) perfumes. This truly royal ingredient sometimes also referred to as liquid gold or the wood of gods in composition of Tom Ford Oud Wood combines with other precious woods and a pinch of spices.

And it was Tom Ford who - at the beginning of the 21st century - was the trailblazer and used agarwood in contemporary Western perfume-making. In the aromatic composition of Oud Wodd eau de parfume, this unmistakable component merges with chords of Brazilian rosewood, sandalwood, cardamom, pepper, vetiver, tonka beans, vanilla, and amber. The exotic chords of rosewood and cardamom in the composition introduce a smoky mixture of agarwood and sandalwood with vetiver. Its tonka beans and amber then add warm and sensual elements. Thanks to its perfectly balanced composition, Tom Ford Oud Wood eau de parfume is also very elegantly sensual.

Oud Wood is a precious, exotic, and remarkable fragrance suitable for any occasion during the day or in the evening all year long. It's bound to be appreciated mainly by women and men fond of woody and spicy fragrances with an oriental inspiration by agarwood. It forever wins hearts of everybody who appreciates its masterful detailed sophistication. Tom Ford, founder of the brand, describes his collection as follows: "It's my secret aromatic laboratory. It enables me to create very special, original fragrances, not limited by conventions of the perfume-making mainstream. The fragrances of the Private Blend collection are developed with emphasis placed on true perfume-making mastery."

Just like all the perfumes from the Tom Ford Private Blend collection, Oud Wood is fascinating not only thanks to its original aroma with a masterfully balanced composition but also by its package. It comes in a dark flacon of an interesting shape, completed by a beautiful black box. Try this perfume which will take you to a meeting with Scheherazade and the sultan from One Thousand and One Nights. Enrich your cosmetic set with a fragrance which is brand new and unmistakable also thanks to the bold approach behind the whole collection.

Tom Ford Oud Wood – a precious, exotic, and elegantly seductive fragrance built around the aroma of agarwood.

About the brand Tom Ford

Known as an American fashion icon, Tom Ford’s sensuality and ability to understand women’s desires are major components of his work.  “His fashion makes women feel sexy and self-confident” as explained in an interview for People magazine by Mischa Barton.

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