Top 5 men's fragrances

Mancera - Cedrat Boise - he grew up on typical citrus fragrances and he loves them. But now he needs to move on. He is searching for manful fragrance that will boost his ego. He loves to draw attention to him, even by perfume. He is searching for perfume that will defy him at office as well as in a gym or just in casual clothes.

Amouage - Reflection Man - he likes everything a bit sweeter. He wants to emit pure scent as if he just went out of shower. He is not afraid to wear delicate powdery perfume and he doesn't mind a sweet scent of jasmine. He wants sophisticated luxurious perfumes and he is not afraid to draw attention to himself.

Creed - Aventus - he is an alpha. A leader. A conqueror. He is searching for a fragrance which will highlight his manly qualities. He tends to wear pure and delicate fruity perfumes which imply deepness and mysteriousness.

Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 - he loves to be surprised and is keen on adventures. He is impulsive. He doesn't need to draw attention to himself but compliment will surely please him. He can see the beauty in small things. He loves delicate woody fragrances. He is searching for perfume full of contrasts.

Comme Des Garcons - Wonderwood - he loves woody fragrances. According to him they are one of the symbols of manliness. He doesn't need to draw attention to him. He finds pleasure in restraint. For him wood is also a symbol of deepness - exactly like his character. He is cautious, staid and he respects his own moral values. This is what fulfills him.

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