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Basil, Jasmine, Tangerine

Umbro Action eau de toilette is designed for sporty and physically active men. A composition based on freshness and cooling sensations you'll enjoy not only when doing sports but just any time. An aroma to turn you into an energetic, self-confident, and handsome man without restraint.

Umbro Action is an eau de toilette combining flowers and fruits in a very delicious way. Its dominated by mandarin and jasmine which accompanied by a pinch of basil open your sense of smell and create around you a pleasant and heady atmosphere. The magic of every day.

Its flacon has a transparent body to suggest the cooling feelings of the fragrance it contains. Enjoy this delight of essences brought to you by Umbro Action eau de toilette, improve your aromatic self, and boost your self-confidence. Be yourself and always on alert.

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