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Description of beauty product Veet Depilatory Gel









for all types of skin


Get rid of hairs for a long time using Veet Depilatory Gel! Classic depilatory waxes are an efficient way to remove hairs, but they're complicated and uncomfortable to use. Veet launches a depilatory gel which removes hairs as efficiently as hot wax and is much more comfortable to apply!

It contains glycerin to make your skin perfectly smooth. It's suitable to apply on legs, armpits, bikini line, and arms. Veet Depilatory Gel contains a depilatory gel, a practical spatula with an indicator of the ideal temperature to apply the gel, and 12 re-usable depilatory strips.

  • perfectly smooth skin with no hairs for up to 4 weeks
  • simple to apply
  • pleasantly hydrated skin
  • fresh smell of lotus flowers


  • glycerin – softens and hydrates skin

Type of skin:

Suitable for normal skin.


Unscrew the cap and perfectly remove the protective foil. Make sure no fragments of the aluminum foil remained on the cap. There are two ways to melt the gel - either in a microwave or in a water bath.
1. A microwave melts the gel in around 1 minute (depends on its settings).
2. In a water bath, find out the correct temperature using the attached spatula with the indicator of the ideal temperature.

Once the gel is ready, apply a very thin layer on the required area of your skin using the spatula. Apply the gel always with the hair. Immediately place one of the strips attached onto the layer of the gel and quickly remove it against the hair. In order to reduce the pain, always stretch the depilated skin with your other hand. It's quite normal for the skin to be slightly irritated after the depilation.

It's not recommended to apply an antiperspirant or a perfume on the depilated skin or to take a swim or sunbathe within 24 hours after the depilation.

About the brand Veet

Smooth, hairless skin has been a beauty trend among women for decades. To avoid ingrown hairs, more women today are choosing depilatory products instead of razor blades.  The advantages are no razor bumps and the products can be used in the form of cream or wax strips within the comfort of your own home!

Each year, Veet sells millions of products as they are highly regarded for their quality, ease and safety. Whether you want to remove hair from your face, armpits, groin or legs, Veet has you covered, leaving your complexion looking smooth and spotless.

Veet depilatory creams and gels contain moisturizing elements which work by effectively weakening the hair and allowing for smooth and painless hair removal with results lasting twice as long as shaving.  For smoothness lasting up to 28 days, try Veet wax strips which help remove hairs directly from their roots with a single motion.  For facial hair removal you should choose specially-developed facial wax strips as they are ideal for small and sensitive areas such as the upper lip, cheeks and chin.

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