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Description of beauty product Veet Oriental Wax









for all types of skin


Warm wax with essential oils Veet Oriental Wax brings you high quality hair removal with an effective sugar formula. The wax is enriched with essential oils, known for their beneficial effect on skin, and a delicate floral vanilla fragrance. It leaves your skin soft and smooth to touch for up to 4 weeks. Warm wax moisturises and nourishes your skin, prevents it from drying out and being irritated.

Oriental Wax is inspired by ancient oriental wax recipes to bring you high quality hair removal in the comfort of your own home. It is fast and safe to apply. Its quality is supported by the fact that it contains 99% natural origin ingredients. For perfect application, the package contains a 250ml jar of wax, 12 fabric strips and a precision spatula with a temperature indicator.

Oriental Wax is a reaction to the current trend of having a smooth, hairless skin. A unique complex of natural ingredients treats your skin and cares for it. The wax leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft for a long time which will be appreciated mainly by those who require smooth skin as an everyday part of their body care. This privilege is no longer limited only to women. Treat yourself to perfectly smooth skin. The great feeling you will have is worth it!


• warm wax brings high quality hair removal with an effective sugar formula

• has a beneficial effect on the skin

• has a delicate floral vanilla fragrance

• leaves the skin soft and smooth to touch for up to 4 weeks

• moisturises and nourishes the skin

• prevents irritation and drying out of the skin

• fast and safe to apply

• the wax treats your skin and cares for it

• leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft for a long time


• Sucrose –  referred to as beet sugar or cane sugar, has a qualitative effect during hair removal

• Water (Aqua) – a significant part of cosmetic products, important to maintain hydration and texture of a product

• Citric Acid – softens water

• Vanilla perfume – provides a delicate scent of floral vanilla

• Solanum Tuberosum Starch – starch that prevents skin from itching

• Cedarwood essential oil – imparts a scent, has astringent properties, is very effective on oily skin

• Citrus essential oil –  refreshes the skin

Skin type:

For all skin types.

How to use:

Heat the wax for 40 seconds in the microwave or 10 minutes in boiling water. The specially designed spatula tells you when the wax has the right temperature. Soak the fabric strip in the heated wax and apply it to the desired body part. When the wax gets dry, pull the strip off in one swift movement. Remove any traces of wax residue with water.

About the brand Veet

Smooth, hairless skin has been a beauty trend among women for decades. To avoid ingrown hairs, more women today are choosing depilatory products instead of razor blades.  The advantages are no razor bumps and the products can be used in the form of cream or wax strips within the comfort of your own home!

Each year, Veet sells millions of products as they are highly regarded for their quality, ease and safety. Whether you want to remove hair from your face, armpits, groin or legs, Veet has you covered, leaving your complexion looking smooth and spotless.

Veet depilatory creams and gels contain moisturizing elements which work by effectively weakening the hair and allowing for smooth and painless hair removal with results lasting twice as long as shaving.  For smoothness lasting up to 28 days, try Veet wax strips which help remove hairs directly from their roots with a single motion.  For facial hair removal you should choose specially-developed facial wax strips as they are ideal for small and sensitive areas such as the upper lip, cheeks and chin.

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