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Description of perfume Vera Wang Princess



Overall impression

Perfume bottle



Top notes

Apple, Water Lily, Apricot, Tangerine

Middle notes

Tiaré Blossom, Chocolate, Tuberose, Guave

Base notes

Wood, Amber, Vanilla

The luxurious women’s perfume Princess by Vera Wang was created for the woman who desires to feel like a true princess. This perfume symbolizes the wishes and dreams of a young girl that become a reality in her adulthood. Princess fragrance reminds us that we all have the right to make our dreams come true. The heart-shaped glass bottle with purple liquid inside and a gold crown embellished with gems for its cap will always remind you that you must never give up on your way to achieving your dreams. 

The composition of Princess by Vera Wang is truly fairytale-like. It resembles the taste of a princess living in a beautiful mansion surrounded by small lakes with water lilies and gardens full of blooming shrubs. Enter this fairytale atmosphere and forget about gray days! First, take a bite out of a freshly picked apple. Then, in a moment, your senses will recognize sweet mandarin tones polished with traces of sensual apricots carefully placed on a fragile water lily. The heart of this fragrance will captivate you with its delicate whispers of chocolate merging with notes of the exotic Tiaré flower and enchanting tuberose. The sultry case is made of mystic rare wood, sunny amber and exciting vanilla.  Do you long to experience something exceptional and new every day? Then let yourself be surrounded by the princessly aura of this Vera Wang fragrance, one which is certainly not for little girls. Princess Perfume will give a boost of confidence to any modern woman searching for genuine romance and who has decided to reach her dreams. This fragrance is very strong and it lasts an extremely long time. It is excellent for daytime and special evening occasions or romantic dates.

About the brand Vera Wang

Known in the fashion world as a wedding dress designer, Vera has always had a great taste in fashion.  Her first job was for Vogue, where she received a great opportunity to learn all she could ever need to know about the fashion industry. 

At the age of 23, she was promoted, and by 1990, her wealthy father provided her with the means to start her own business.  Wang got involved with wedding dress designs and opened her own store.  Her innovative ideas garnered the attention of many fashion icons.  Vera Wang has dressed many famous, Hollywood stars such as Holly Hunter, Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan, Whoopi Goldberg, Helen Hunt, Kate Capshaw and Charlize Theron.  The very first Vera Wang perfume was introduced in the spring of 2002.

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