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  • Versace Versense Gift Set II. Eau De Toilette 0,2 oz + Shower Gel 0,8 oz + Body Milk 0,8 ozGift Set II. BEST VALUE

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    Eau De Toilette 0,2 oz + Shower Gel 0,8 oz + Body Milk 0,8 oz
    Beauty Code: VER0127

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Versace Versense is designed for all the women who long for the sensation of freshness and would like to be sensual and attractive. Its light as well as heady essences turn Versense into a true celebration of fragile and sensual feminity. Its warm tones of sandalwood and cedar stand out thanks to a combination of green mandarin and exotic opuntia, while very special olive tree together with bergamot form the icing on the cake of this original and very tasteful perfume. Be like Versace Versense - sensual as well as fresh and heady!

Charm your senses and draw attention by your unique personality made just exceptional by this perfume by Versace, an icon of luxury clothing and perfumes. Let yourself get carried away by the flow of the pulsating life and by the aroma of Versace Versense!

About the brand Versace

Versace was established in 1978 by young Gianni Versace, a man who came from one of the poorest areas of southern Italy, yet was progressive and extremely extravagant. Since around the 1980s, he had clothed, decorated and perfumed a great number of celebrities who grew fond of his modern ideas and compulsive attempts to provide contrasts.  Versace quickly became a charismatic and well-known name in the world of fashion.

Official Versace stores are currently located within 81 countries worldwide and products can be ordered directly from your home.

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