Vichy Action Integrale Vergetures Body Cream For Stretch Marks

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Description of beauty product Vichy Action Integrale Vergetures






for all age groups




for all types of skin


Vichy Action Integrale Vergetures is a unique body cream which restores the firmness and texture of your skin! Action Integrale Vergetures Cream is rich in silicon, plant oils and Hydroxyproline which prevents the formation of stretch marks and reduces the existing ones. The cream is alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. It leaves the skin moisturized, nourished and elastic. Skin firmness and texture is restored, the width and depth of stretch marks diminishes and their color fades. Get rid of stretch marks once and for all! Try ultra-effective body cream Action Intergale Vergetures by Vichy!


• firms the skin

• reduces stretch marks

• prevents the formation of stretch marks

• restores skin elasticity

• intensive moisturizing and nourishing action


• Silicon – strengthens the skin

• Hydroxyproline – intensive moisturizing action

• Vichy Thermal Spa Water – contains 17 minerals and 13 trace elements, has soothing and fortifying properties, significantly reduces the symptoms of irritated skin, protects it from free radicals and stimulates the skin's defence mechanisms

Skin type:

Perfect for all skin types.

How to use:

Apply daily to areas likely to be affected by stretch marks (stomach, breasts, buttock, hips). Gently massage until the cream absorbs.

About the brand Vichy

Vichy was founded in 1931 when Georges Guerin, a famous cosmetic expert, started his production using mineral water from the popular city of Vichy.  He started incorporating minerals into his body care products, evolving into a purely natural, soothing and softening skincare line aimed towards men and women.

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