Vichy Dercos Aminexil PRO Intensive Treatment - Triple Action - Targets Hairloss

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  • Vichy Dercos Aminexil PRO Intensive Treatment - Triple Action - Targets Hairloss 18x0.2 ozIntensive Treatment - Triple Action - Targets Hairloss 

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Description of beauty product Vichy Dercos Aminexil PRO







All Hair types, Hair loss


Vichy Dercos ampules with aminexil Pro help men fight hair loss. This unique treatment against premature hair loss helps maintain and revitalize the structure of hair follicle to enable hair to grow stronger and more resistant. Hypoallergenic. Free of preservatives and coloring agents. Vichy Dercos treatment with aminexil Pro has a greaseless composition and is quick to dry. Lightly scented. Use for 3 weeks to slow down the process of hair loss. It makes your hair stronger and smoother to touch. Use for 6 weeks to slow down hair loss and volumize your hair.


  • slows down the process of hair loss
  • makes hair stronger and smoother to touch
  • volumizing


  • SP94 - a unique molecule targeting the hair root. Inside the root it transforms into building elements of hair. It makes your hair grow healthy, stronger, and more resistant.
  • aminexil - affects the collagen capsule surrounding the hair root, prevents it from solidifying and maintains its elasticity while securing it and supplying enough energy. Slows down the process of hair loss.
  • thermal water from Vichy - water from the Lucas spring rich in 17 minerals and 13 trace elements is the most mineralized water in France (5,12 g/l). Soothing effects. Reduces the sensation of itching, stinging and burning. Positively stimulates the immunity of skin and improves the effectiveness of catalase, which is an enzyme protecting skin against free radicals.

Type of hair:

Suitable for all types of hair suffering from hair loss.


Screw the applicator onto the ampule to break the safety seal. Apply to the roots one ampule 3 to 7 times a week for 6 weeks. Gently massage into hair. Do not rinse. In order to achieve ideal results take at least 2 treatments a year. The ampule with the applicator ensures a practical and precise application. One ampule a day or at least 3 ampules a week for 6 weeks. One ampule per use.

About the brand Vichy

Vichy was founded in 1931 when Georges Guerin, a famous cosmetic expert, started his production using mineral water from the popular city of Vichy.  He started incorporating minerals into his body care products, evolving into a purely natural, soothing and softening skincare line aimed towards men and women.

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