Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice Eau De Toilette for women

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This world famous brand is named after its founder, English fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, aka the First Lady of Punk. It is this music genre and lifestyle she often draws inspiration from. Her models are daring, provoking, original and also very sexy.The same thing could be said about Vivienne's perfumes, body lotions and other cosmetic products. The range of Vivienne Westwood's products includes for instance a collection inspired by the famous story of Alice in Wonderland, featuring products called “Naughty Alice”, “Cheeky Alice” and “Flirty Alice”.Vivienne Westwood creates her perfumes in cooperation with Coty. The first of them - “Boudoir” - was launched in 1998. Also “Let It Rock” is well worth mentioning. Let it Rock is the original name of a legendary boutique, which Vivienne opened in London at 430 King's Road with Malcolm McLaren (a musician and the manager of Sex Pistols). All her fragrances have one thing in common - they reflect Vivienne's love for extravagant things.If you are self-confident, ambitious and know exactly what you want to achieve in your life, Vivienne Westwood is a clear choice for you. It is also interesting to point out that Vivienne was awarded the Order of the British Empire and she has been repeatedly named Designer of the Year in her home country.Vivienne Westwood products are designed mainly for ambitious women who are not content with little and long for a similar dazzling carrier. The Vivienne Westwood brand is an excellent choice for those who are bold and unconventional, fond of punk culture and looking for strong and truly exceptional fragrances.

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