Wella Professionals SP Men Energising Shampoo For Men

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Description of beauty product Wella Professionals SP Men







Weakened hair


Wella Professionals SP Men Maxximum strengthening shampoo is the right choice for treatment of weakened and fine men's hair. Intensively moisturizing, it supplies complete nourishment from the roots to the tips while stimulating scalp. Thanks to the caffeine it contains, it makes your hair firmer than ever before while its menthol has long-lasting refreshing effects.

Wella Professionals SP Men Maxximum shampoo with a gel consistency deeply moisturizes hair and makes it smooth and just dazzling. Dermatologist tested, with pH between 4.6 to 5.2 which makes it suitable for everyday use.


  • firms weakened hair
  • supplies complete nourishment
  • stimulates scalp
  • leaves hair shiny, smooth, and refreshed


  • caffeine – firms hair
  • menthol – for a long-lasting feeling of freshness
  • Pro Vitamin B5 (panthenol) – supports metabolism of skin and makes hair look shiny

Type of hair:

Suitable for men's weakened and fine hair.


Apply evenly to moist hair and massage into it. Then rinse off properly. Repeat if needed. In order to even further firm your weakened hair, use the shampoo together with Wella Professionals SP Men Maxximum tonic.

About the brand Wella Professionals

Since its foundation in 1880, Wella Professionals remains one of the biggest sellers of hair care products in the world.  Wella Professionals hair care brings luxurious products for normal and fine, colored hair.  They also offer anti-aging products as well as products for dry and damaged hair. Wella Professional products leaves hair feeling healthy and glossy after every application. The BRILLIANCE product line is suitable for anyone who is in need to repair dry and damanged hair. You cant go wrong when choosing Wella products for your hair care needs.

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